Perito - INCEPT Report

Now that the evaluation is complete, we can generate the report. Generating the report is not automated yet, but it can easily be done manually.

1. Start by clicking Add Summary Report

  • You can find this option within the evaluation section (Campaign).
  • This will open a Wizard.


2. Choose the correct report

  • For the INCEPT, only the Individual Report applies.

Click on Step 3 to proceed to the next page.


3. Choice of participants

Here, select participants based on the report of your choice. In most cases, this includes everybody that participated in the evaluation, but you can make a different selection if neccessary.

  • First, choose the person for whom the feedback is meant. We call them the Assessed doctor. He or she is put into the upper righthand box.
  • With all , we refer to all other people included in the evaluation (those who have provided feedback). Select all other people and place them in the lower righthand box.

Click on Step 4 to proceed to the next page.


4. Generating the report

  • You will now see an overview of the report that will be generated.
  • Click on Create Report to generate the report.

The anonymous report can now be found in the portal of the Assessed doctor, for them to be retrieved. The portal can be accessed through A password is not necessary to log in.