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Evalueren – Rapporteren – Reflecteren


Perito supports doctors to systematically collect performance information. Validated assessment tools are available, such as the SETQ, the D-RECT and the INCEPT instruments.

All assessment tools are the result of extensive and continuous scientific research. Through Perito Professional Performance, doctors are always assured of the most up-to-date evidence-based questionnaire tools. evidence-based versions.

Physicians are trained to provide evidence-based medicine. Likewise, we offer evidence-based performance assessment tools. The scientific works conducted by the researchers of the Professional Performance & Compassionate Care group, University of Amsterdam, are published and available through PubMed and at the research group’s website.

Numerous scientific articles have since been published about our instruments. To review publications, please go to the website of the research group Professional Performance & Compassionate Care.



Perito generates informative performance feedback reports. Performance results are presented in comprehensive formats. Benchmark information is available and provided to better understand your own performance level. Narrative feedback from respondents may further explain the quantitative feedback offered. Concrete 'tips and tops' make it easier to reflect upon your performance.

The reports list strengths and performance areas for improvement, and may pertain to individual physicians, their specialty groups or departments. Research shows that the performance of specialists improves after multiple assessment cycles.



Insight into your performance can be the start of a process of reflection, conversation and possibly change. Reflection can be an individual or group activity, and may be guided or mediated by professionals. Coaches and facilitators are available in many hospitals. We can also refer you to reliable, highly experienced professionals who know our instruments well.

Reflection is a fuzzy process of action and contemplation. The conversation with yourself requires courage and sensitivity, the conversation with others requires encouragement and a safe environment.